About Us

Mon Cherie by Liliana Sacaza Swimwear was created by liliana sacaza , who has been working on the fashion world as a model for over ten years ,exactly in milan,italy . Because of her love for swimsuits , She  decided to put  into practice her knowledge and everything learned working with great stylists .She spends her time between New York and Milan where she alternates her stylist and model work .  Mon cherie name(my darling in english) comes from her love to paris  a city she visits regularly and where she  always find an inspiration. Moncherie by liliana swimwear is a jouthful ,happy, colorful brand ,that has exclusive fabrics that accentuate a woman's figure.each piece is designed carefully to complement one another.

Our products are made and imported from Italy. The fabrics perform well in the water as well on the beach.  each garment is hand made and not factory-processed . the collection is made in various quantities and prints  and then their style is retired , making them unique collectors items . Our goal is to design the best quality, wearable swimsuits.

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